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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management means the interface management along your value chain.

Along this chain there are many influencing factors that can have a significant impact on the performance of your services.
Based on my experience as a Supply Chain Manager, I would be pleased to accompany you to the topics listed below.

Process analysis,


The processes between the interfaces in the Supply Chain do not run smoothly or take too long?


Together we analyse the processes and interfaces along your value chain.

The aim is:
- to find
- to analyse and
- tweak
the weak points to give your Supply Chain the necessary clout.





You want to prepare yourself and your organization for an audit by your customer or an authority? How do I behave correctly during an audit or how do I answer questions correctly when I am asked by an auditor? This is where specific training of the organisation helps to avoid unpleasant situations.

Furthermore, regular training courses in the field of GMP, quality and hygiene can be prepared and held by me, in consultation with the topics.



You are looking for a suitable warehouse or would like to qualify an existing warehouse? Here I can help you to find a storage place according to your requirements.

You need a validation / qualification of a warehouse (ERP system, temperature mapping, ...)? I will be happy to do this for you. If required, I will be happy to accompany you up to the acceptance by an authority and help you if necessary with the processing of deficiencies.

You are looking for a new supplier for a raw material, a packaging material, ...? Here I can support you in your search and audit and qualify the supplier according to your requirements.



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